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  • CYO? What does that mean?
    Catholic Youth Organization. There is a moral/ethical code meaning that there is no swearing at any time as well as work toward the greater good. In addition, most track meets are led by a Catholic prayer and blessing (optional for those of other faiths).
  • Where are practices held?
    The vast majority of practices are held at East Islip Middle School. Occasionally different or unique sites will be utilized for specialty and joint practice sessions as available.
  • When are the practices?
    We work in accordance with the East Islip district school schedule and our practice schedule varies per season. Typical seasons will offer practices sometime between Tuesday and Thursday with times starting 5:30pm and ending around 7:30pm. One practice per week is required, 2 practices per week is recommended. Parents choose the day(s) that work best for them. Please see schedule for most current updates.
  • What are the uniform requirements?
    For practices we request that your child dresses for the weather and there is no specific attire. For track meets, all athletes must wear their team jersey complemented by solid black shorts or pants. Expensive track shoes are generally not needed at this level so whatever is comfortable is fine. CYO competition does NOT allow for the use of track spikes.
  • What are track meets?
    The track meets are held throughout Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. These events are where multiple teams and athletes compete in events ranging from the 40 meter dash all the way up to a 1 mile race. Your child will have the opportunity to compete in 2-4 races depending on the meet rules presented. Meets are 2-4 hours in length. All track meets are optional and nearly all are covered by your membership dues. Cross country meets are a completely different type of event. These events are typically run at State parks or other non track venues. Races of this nature consist of 800 meter up to 1.5 mile races. Volunteers and directional signals ensure the children know where to run to in these thrilling affairs.
  • Does every child get a medal?
    Youth track at this time is NOT a sport where every child gets a trophy or medal. For those who participate in track meets, there can be opportunities to earn a medal or ribbon based on place of finish. For those who don't participate in track meets the opportunity is to be a part of a successful team.
  • Is there really a St Mary's scholarship?
    Starting in 2022, the St Mary's CYO track team was proud to begin offering its Lucy Merida Memorial Scholarship to our alumni. Currently all students graduating in 2024 and earlier are eligible. We intend to offer scholarships in both Fall and Spring seasons. We invite students to apply using the application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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